About the Way We Work Together

At Uplands we appreciate that you like to know exactly where you stand when you do business with someone. We are exactly the same. That’s why we have put together our General Terms and Conditions which applies to all products and services supplied by Uplands. 
This covers all the products and services we supply to our customers, including Mobile, Fixed Line, Hosted Systems or Digital Services and sometimes you may in addition have specific terms and conditions applicable, any specific terms and conditions are also included below.  Additional terms and conditions may also include Network Provider Airtime Services and other related services terms and conditions.
We have made our terms and conditions fair and clear and you should print or save a copy of our General terms and conditions and the relevant Specific terms and conditions and can ask us to confirm which Additional Terms apply to the Agreement between you and us at any time.  
You can call us on 0800 24 00 00 for any questions regarding these. 


Terms and Conditions