Uplands Community

Supporting those who give so much to us all

Supporting local community driven business and charities

Help and support for people to live better lives with technology. Our strategy is designed to help society at a local level, improving peoples lives and there outcomes.

Enhancing peoples lives with technology

Working with Charity’s, community leaders, teachers, nurses and our emergency services we supply our products and services to them and there employees at a favorable discounted rate. Supporting those who give so much to us all.

Uplands is a leading managed services company delivering flexible voice, data and mobile communications for the last 40 years.


Their solutions are delivered through independent network management and support teams providing converged solutions that are no-longer tied to technology and supplier. At the core of their managed service is their bespoke capability. Uplands has the freedom and flexibility that distinguishes them from their competitors. They give businesses the flexibility to change and adapt to new requirements and technologies.


With increased agility, their customers gain a competitive edge, and with dramatic savings and management information, they have total control of their voice, data and mobile infrastructure. Uplands is in the unique position of being able to transform all three disciplines of voice, data and mobile communications at every level from audit, analysis and solution design to implementation, support, ongoing management and cost saving.


The team at Uplands provided me with personal support on my charity drive from Europe to Central Asia, across deserts and mountain ranges, to my final destination of Ulaan Bataar in Mongolia. I am proud to endorse Uplands’ work and happy to be considered a friend of the team.

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