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There is nothing quite as daunting as the process of moving work premises. The strategic coordination required to ensure everything falls into place at exactly the right time is not only a challenge but near impossible. That’s why when a business approached us with an imminent moving date and the requirement of having a broadband connection from day one, it was feared that they were setting an impossible task.

As long as businesses continue to operate, cybercriminals will look for ways to break in, exploit weaknesses and steal company data.

Technology has never been more critical as it plays its fundamental role in keeping people connected, enabling children to learn from home, the workforce to continue working and families to stay in touch. However, if people do not have access to the technology required, this leaves them at a detrimental disadvantage. This is why Uplands was delighted when asked to support Bristol City Council and Community Learning with the supply and distribution of tablet technology to vulnerable Bristol residents.

During the upcoming festive period, our opening hours are changing slightly, so we wanted to make sure you are aware of the support available to you.

Your company probably already has a disaster recovery plan (DRP) in place for your IT services. You make sure your data is backed up daily and you have written procedures in place to restore a failed piece of hardware should you ever need to. But what happens when your voice services are disrupted?