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Everything you need to know about 5G

Questions about 5G? This should help answer them…

O2 secured the largest spectrum share of 5G in the auction, investing £523.6 million in 80MHz and further demonstrates Telefónica’s commitment to the UK Market.

O2 obtained 40MHz of immediately useable spectrum (2.3GHz) and 40MHz of spectrum expected to be used in the launch of 5G (3.4GHz).

That’s what powers a network and make makes O2’s even better. How, exactly? The O2 spectrum acquisition means more 4G for you as well as being 5G ready for the future, and help boost connectivity for Uplands customers and the whole of the UK.

Something O2 customers are already benefitting from and will increasingly benefit from in the future.

Q: What is 5G?

A: 5G is an exciting technology that will mean faster speeds, less buffering and a better overall mobile experience for consumers and businesses.

Q: How do I access 5G?

A: You’ll need a 5G capable handset to connect to the network. We’re expecting new phones to arrive in the shops later this year to coincide with O2’s rollout with more coming in 2020.

Q: How much will 5G cost and when will it arrive in my area?

A: We don’t have any info on pricing or further rollout locations beyond saying the O2 netowrk deployment will continue in 2020.

Q: Where are O2 rolling-out 5G in 2019?

A: The O2 rollout is starting in Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh and London later this year, but O2 will be bringing 5G to even more locations in 2020.

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Uplands Mobiles Ltd are an Exclusive O2 Direct Partner and also a Customer Experience Partner of the Year, awarded by Telefonica for demonstrating an ongoing commitment in providing exceptional customer service and a trusted approach to our customers.

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