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Content ideas for your social media

As social media marketing becomes increasingly dominant in lead generation we’ve put together these simple content ideas for your social media pages. 

Ask questions

Ask your audience for their thoughts and opinions on topics relevant to your industry.

Important dates

Do your research. Make a note of any upcoming holidays or important dates. They’re great opportunities for timely content.

What’s trending

Examine daily hashtags and see what’s trending to give yourself content ideas.

What’s new

New team members, birthdays or other office events give your followers an insight into your company.

Run a contest

They’re a great way to connect with your audience but set your goals, have a desirable prize and give participants guidelines.

Spotlight your customers

Share customer profiles and case studies including videos and Q&As on Facebook and Instagram.

Share a reading list

But make sure it’s relevant to your industry.

Have a roundup

Showcase your brand’s knowledge by highlighting the top news stories of the week from your industry.

Answer common questions

If you keep seeing the same question pop up in your mentions, answer it. Show your customers you care.

Share snippets

If you have a regular blog post, use impactful snippets to tease and entice readers to click through.

Curate content

Posting other people’s content can be just as engaging as posting your own. Find great content at:

  • Feedly. Subscribe to your favourite and blogs and streams.
  • Buzzsumo. A tool that lets you search for the most socially shared content by topic or Domain.
  • Follow people and topics of interest and see your feed fill with great content.
  • Curata. Uses a proprietary algorithm to fit content to your personal preferences.

Now you’ve sourced great content, stay ahead of the game and keep it organised with our Social Media Content Plan Template, which is available to download and edit/tailor to your business via the link below.

Social Media Content Planner

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