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O2 Open

O2 Open is an employee benefit scheme for all O2 Business customers with more than 10 employees, whether they take a mobile or non-mobile product from us.

What is O2 Open?

If your employer is an O2 Business customer, you may be able to get up to 25% off your O2 Refresh Airtime Plan with O2 Open. And it’s not just for your mobile – you can save the same on your tablet or mobile broadband device too.

And that’s not all Get 20% off accessories, like fitness trackers, smart watches and headphones. And you’ll have all the benefits of Priority, with free coffee and tickets to gigs 48 hours early.

To find out more, please contact your account manager or call us on 0800 24 00 00

Uplands Mobiles Ltd are an Exclusive O2 Direct Partner and also a Customer Experience Partner of the Year, awarded by Telefonica for demonstrating an ongoing commitment in providing exceptional customer service and a trusted approach to our customers.

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