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Uplands Perks

It’s time to put your people in the limelight!

As part of Upland’s 40th birthday celebrations, we’ve giving our most loyal customers some special treatment.

And the good news is there’s a good helping of it up for grabs for all of your team.

We’re launching “Uplands Perks”. Promotional offers for you and your teams to enjoy.

Keep your eyes out for our latest offers, that will be shared across our website, blog, social media, and marketing collateral!

Who qualifies?

  • If you are an Uplands customer you will automatically enroll as a member of Uplands Perks
  • Uplands Perks offers are exclusively available for personal usage (not business) – meaning your friends, family & employees can benefit!

Want to include Uplands Perks in your employee incentive package? – talk to us now to find out how.

Claim your Uplands Perk now… contact us here.

Uplands Mobiles Ltd are an Exclusive O2 Direct Partner and also a Customer Experience Partner of the Year, awarded by Telefonica for demonstrating an ongoing commitment in providing exceptional customer service and a trusted approach to our customers.

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* All offers are subject to terms and conditions and availability.

*  Uplands Perks offers are exclusively available for personal usage – meaning your friends, family & employees can benefit. SIM contracts can not be taken out for business use, or replace your resign tariff or new connection on a business account.

* Promotional offers are exempt from the Uplands referral scheme.

*  All offers are subject to change and withdrawal at any time.

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