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Guide to switching mobile phone provider

Changing providers to Uplands is easier than you think, check out our step by step guide.

1. Are you out of contract?

Before changing providers is important to know if you have been with your existing provider long enough to switch free of charge.

Most providers require a minimum contract term to be completed before you can switch free of charge. If you want to switch provider prior to this you may have to pay early termination charges.

But don’t worry, Uplands may be able to help with these termination charges, just query this with our team of experts.

2. Choosing the right network

We know how important choosing the right network is to you and your business. That’s why we are an O2 direct partner, enabling us to offer the very best network to our customers.

Not only was O2 voted uSwitch Mobile Awards 2018 winner of Best Network Coverage, they also achieved their commitment to Ofcom of providing indoor 4G coverage to 98% of all UK premises by 31 December 2017.

Still not convinced? We are so confident in our network that we will supply you with a trial sim, allowing you to check the signal for yourself in your area.

3. Choosing the right handset

With the huge range of handsets on the market today, choosing the right-hand set can be a bit tricky.

That’s why we offer a completely free, no-obligation, loan handset service. This service enables you to trial the mobile phones of your choice, such as the iPhone XS, Samsung Galaxy S9 or Huawei Mate 20 Pro, for a period of time, whenever and wherever you like, meaning you can ensure it compliments all elements of your life, rather than trying to guess this whilst attached to a security cord in your local shop.

If you have already purchased your mobile phone, you may want to continue using this with your new provider. To do this you will have to make sure it is unlocked. Some providers will only unlock your mobile after a certain period of time, while others will unlock it at any time for free.

This is really easy to do, and our team of experts are on hand to help with this process.

4. Choosing the right deal

One size doesn’t fit all, finding the right combination of tariffs and handset for your business is vital.

We make this easy. Simply tell us your requirements (data, minutes, texts, roaming, handset) and we will tailor a bespoke tariff to suit your individual requirements.

3. Keeping or changing your number

Keeping your number when switching providers is much easier than you might imagine. All you need to do is request a PAC code (Porting Authorisation Code) from your existing provider. You can do this by ringing their customer support line.

Once you’ve got your PAC Code, provide this to us and we will make the necessary arrangements. Your PAC Code is valid for 30 days. If this time frame passes you will need to request a new one from your existing provider.

If you would prefer a new number, this is just as easy too.

4. On port day

If you are using a new mobile handset, you will need to make sure your SIM Card is inserted into the device. Make sure you switch your O2 device off and on regularly throughout the port day as this will update the handset when additional services download onto the O2 network.

Approximate porting timescales:

  • Before 11AM – New O2 SIM Card can only make outbound calls and the old SIM Card will remain unchanged.
  • 11AM to 4PM – New O2 SIM Card can only make outbound calls and the old SIM Card will remain unchanged.
    • When the port is complete you will be able to make and receive calls on your new O2 SIM Card and your old SIM Card will be unable t0 make or receive calls.


If you are not receiving a new handset, we recommend you keep your existing providers SIM Card in the handset as it will be able to make and receive calls until the port is complete. When you lose service on your existing SIM Card simply replace your SIM Card with your new O2 SIM Card to obtain service on O2. Also, if you have any numbers on your SIM Card make sure you have transferred these onto your device.

During the first 24 hours you may find that you cannot send SMS messages or use MMS. This is normal as these services take longer to be provisioned after transfer. You will still be able to receive messages during this time.

5. Our dedicated support team

Now you know what’s involved, how it works and the simplicity of this process, still a little nervous?

Do not fear, our team of experts will make sure you are fully prepared prior to your switch over. They will also be on hand throughout your switch over day and every day following that to ensure everything goes smoothly.

6. What’s next?

To find out more about your switch over journey to Uplands, contact us now.

Uplands Mobiles Ltd are an Exclusive O2 Direct Partner and also a Customer Experience Partner of the Year, awarded by Telefonica for demonstrating an ongoing commitment in providing exceptional customer service and a trusted approach to our customers.

To find out more, please contact your account manager or call us on 0800 24 00 00

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