Vehicle Tracking

For any business that has a fleet of vehicles vehicle tracking is an essential management tool helping you reduce costs, improve safety and increase productivity for your mobile workforce.

Uplands are unique within our industry as we have 35 years of fleet management experience providing tracking solutions throughout the UK. 

Business vehicle tracking benefits

Vehicle tracking provides your business with some great peace-of-mind benefits as well as helping you physically reduce your costs  as follows: 

  • Reduce fuel and running costs
  • Increase employee safety and addresses employment legislation
  • Improves overall productivity
  • Enhances customer service and helps you retain customers
  • Accurately assesses overtime claims
  • Monitor your employees driving styles.
  • Lower mileage = lower insurance premiums
  • Reduce vehicle wear & tear
  • Access to automated time sheets – reducing your admin time

To find out which solution is best for your business please contact us today.