TU Go is a free service for iOS, Android and Windows (WP8 & PC) that allows you to send and receive calls, texts and visual voicemails over wifi.

How it works

It’s a free downloadable app from o2.co.uk/business/tugo that lets you use your O2 number on smartphones, tablets and laptops.  Sign in and use wifi to call, text and pick up visual voicemails on up to 5 devices.

Poor coverage?

If you suffer from poor coverage either in the office or working from home then TU Go is the answer.  Currently 33% of TU Go users use TU Go to solve poor coverage issues where they live.

Low cost calls abroad

With TU Go you can send and receive calls and texts at UK rates over wifi wherever you are.

Multi device

You can send and receive calls and texts from the device of your choice.  It’s a great back up when your phone battery is low or you do not have your phone.

Phone out of action?

60% of existing TU Go customers value TU Go as a backup tool when their phone is out of action.

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