Sound is poor quality or distorted -

The majority of such cases are SIM or network issues.

1 - SIM

  • Check the age of the SIM - new SIM's start with '00666...'
  • Send out a new SIM anyway. This will solve the problems if it's due to the SIM & also gives us 24 hours for any potential temporary issue or outage to resolve itself.
  • Once the SIM swap is complete, remind the user to switch the phone on & off.

2 - Network

  • Check coverage & network status with PCS & here -
  • Look for any outages or planned maintenance on the nearest masts & also any close by. If a mast is down in an adjacent area it can cause an increase of traffic to the users' mast.
  • Ask the user if there are any large events going on in the area. These can affect reception by creating a large influx of traffic. Ask the user to wait until the event is over.
  • Ask user to check quality away from the area. If they have problems in other areas, it may be a SIM fault.