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O2 Priority – treat your team

It’s time to put your people in the limelight.

We all like getting a bit of special treatment.

The good news is there’s a good helping of it up for grabs for all of your team, just for using their O2 phones.

As O2 customers, they’re entitled to Priority invite-only experiences and perks, which are specially selected for them by the app’s enhanced features.

First, they choose what sort of thing they’re interested in. Then, as they use the app more, it learns what they like. And it gives them more of what they want in the ‘just for you’ section.

Fast-track access to a gig.  The chance to meet their sporting heroes. Days out with the family or a meal out with friends. It’s all there waiting, just for them.

Contact us today to find out more.

Uplands Mobiles Ltd are an Exclusive O2 Direct Partner and also a Customer Experience Partner of the Year, awarded by Telefonica for demonstrating an ongoing commitment in providing exceptional customer service and a trusted approach to our customers.

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