'No Service' Continued...

Ask the customer to provide you with the SIM number & IMEI.

To find the IMEI, click here.

Then phone PCS on 0800 11 44 33

Ask PCS to check the following:

  1. Is the SIM active against the users' mobile number?
  2. Is the IMEI active against the users' mobile number?
  3. Are the APN's correct for their device? Ask PCS to refresh them.
  4. Check for Lost/Stolen Bar on both the number & IMEI.
  5. Check for any outages which are not listed - including neighbouring cell sites which may be affecting traffic.

Task Admin to send out a new SIM anyway.

Ask the user to try somebody elses' SIM in the handset, if possible. If there is still 'No Service' then it must be a handset issue - click here to arrange a repair / replacement. (iPhone users please note - before putting in another SIM, go to - Settings > Messages > Turn off iMessage This will prevent the temporary number registering as an additional number on the iPhone's iMessage).