What is Mobile Device Management (MDM)?

MDM provides an easy way to manage all your smartphones and tablets. Whether you deploy corporate devices, or your employees bring their own (BYOD). Our MDM solution handles them from the initial setup and enrolment, right through to device decommissioning.

Do I need Mobile Device Management?

If you need to monitor and control your devices or run a BYOD scheme then you will certainly benefit from a Mobile Device Management (MDM) from Uplands.  Our MDM solutions provide you with central control, robust security and instantaneous support with enhanced tracking over any network no matter what your business size.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) from Uplands allows you to:

Be more productive

By allowing employees to participate in a BYOD scheme you control the applications that can be used during working time.  You can specify individual timeframes for app enablement so for example Facebook only becomes available between 1-2pm and after 5pm.

Stay in control

With Mobile Device Management your business remains inn control of all its devices wherever they are.  Online tracking and remote locking is available to you at the push of a button allowing safety monitoring for lone workers.

Improved Security

Secure web browsing and real time malware scanning protects your business from internal and external threats, with the ability to remote lock/wipe devices and remove or install apps remotely helps ensure that your company information remains secure at all times.

End to end mobility management

From mobile enrolment, mobile management, application management, content management and mobile retirement, everything can be managed securely and remotely, from a central location.  You remain in control at all times.

Key features and benefits of Mobile Device Management

  • Remote Control
  • AD Integration
  • Password Policies
  • Remote wipe
  • Remote lockdown
  • GPS tracking
  • Application catalogue
  • Device account management