McAfee Multi Access

The Government estimates that security attacks can cost even small businesses between £35,000 and £65,000 so finding the most cost effective solution is essential.

McAfee Multi Access from Uplands is an online security application that protects all your devices, all at once. It’s simple, and cost effective.

When you choose McAfee Multi Access from us you also benefit from:

  • A secure online management console to manage all your devices
  • Auto updates
  • Automated installation
  • Remote tracking
  • Fixed monthly costs

How It Works

The simple monthly subscription covers up to 5 devices.  It protects your PCs, Macs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets from viruses, spam, malware and identity theft.  And all devices can be managed in one place with the online management console.  Further devices can be added. 

The 5 devices can be any configuration, 5 mobiles, 5 PCs, 5 tablets, or a complete mixture. It is completely up to you to allocate how you wish to best deploy it.

Search, shop and bank online with peace of mind

Stop spam and phishing emails reaching your business.  McAfee warns you of untrustworthy websites and wifi networks before your team connects to them.  And it works across different browsers too, including Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

Secure your business smartphones and tablets

McAfee Multi Access from Uplands provides you with real-time protection against mobile viruses and spam, your business mobiles will be safe and sound.  You can safeguard Android devices from apps containing malware and if one of your business smartphones or tablets is lost or stolen, McAfee Multi Access can locate it, lock it and/or wipe it remotely.

A better way to manage your passwords

Lots of passwords can mean lots of ways in to your business for potential cyber-attacks.  With McAfee Multi Access from Uplands you can create one master password to securely log in to all your devices.   And you can auto-populate usernames and passwords to save time too.

Keeping your customers safe

Passing viruses or malware onto your customers or suppliers can not only be cost but extremely embarrassing to say the least.  So McAfee Multi Access from Uplands scans everything you send before it goes.  Losing customer information can have legal consequences.  But with McAfee, important customer files are encrypted and locked with a password.  So even if you lose your device, their details are safe.

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