Hotspots & Mobile Broadband

Our mobile broadband packages from Uplands allows you to access emails, browse the web and keep in contact with colleagues when out of the office.

Choose a 3G or 4G dongle to connect your laptop to the internet, or get an O2 Pop Up Office and create your own Wifi hotspot to connect your Wi-Fi enabled gadgets to the internet. Or if you have a tablet, get on the internet on the move with our SIM only deals.

Not only can you take advantage of the excellent 3G and 4G coverage but you can also connect to any one of the 14,000 O2 Wifi hotspots for free! And with the simple to use O2 connection manager, you can connect to the internet easily, manage your network connections and keep track of your usage.

Mobile Broadband

Available as SIM only or with a dongle the mobile broadband can be used to provide plugin connectivity via a USB port, to any device or put straight into devices such as iPads to give continual connectivity.

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Pop Up Office/Mobile Hotspot

Pop Up Office allows you to create your own mobile office in minutes.  You can connect up to ten other devices to the internet, email and access all your usual business applications.  The hotspot is 4G ready so the devices and use our 4G network whether they’re 4G compatible or not.

The 4G mobile hotspot (also known as a mobile wifi device) is small and lightweight, so you can take it with you wherever you go.  It’s simple to set up and use.

Where can you use it?

  • Temporary shops, offices and other premises
  • Trade shows, exhibitions and events
  • Working on a customer or supplier’s premises, where there is no guest wifi
  • Construction sites
  • Whilst you’re waiting for your fixed infrastructure to be installed
  • As a fixed back up solution – delivering resilience

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Pop Up Office Hub

The Pop Up Office Hub makes it even easier to set up office.  It charges, boosts signal strength and lets you connect sixteen wireless devices to the Pop Up Office instead of the usual ten.

The Hub acts as a router and sits where your fixed internet would plug into.  When your Pop Up Office is in the Hub it acts as a backup if your fixed internet connection drops out.

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