Business Landlines

93% of businesses reduce their landline bills by switching to Uplands.

We can help with all your landline needs, from installation of new lines through to transferring your existing services to a more cost effective solution. Uplands provide you with high quality landline solutions, dedicated account management and award winning customer service that will save you money on your monthly bills.

Don’t worry if you find the different line options a bit confusing, our highly trained and dedicate team will guide you through the process ensuring that you select the best option for your business today, and beyond.

Choosing the right landline for your business

We know one size doesn’t fit all.  That’s why we have different types of landlines for you to choose from, to meet your own specific needs.

Single analogue business telephone line

A single analogue business telephone line is used for making voice calls, receiving faxes and can also connect your broadband.  However, with a single line if you are using the fax or making a call, callers will only receive an engaged tone.

Multi-line analogue business telephone line

With an analogue multi-line you can make or receive calls whilst using the fax or make more than one call at the same time from different extensions.  If one line is engaged the inbound call will be passed to the next available line using the same number.  Ideal for ensuring you don’t miss any calls.

ISDN2e business telephone line

An ISDN2e business telephone line is a single digital line that allows you to do two things at the same time – voice, data, video or fax.  As your business grows you can easily increase your connections from 1 up to 8 lines.  It’s completely up to you.


This does everything that IDSN2e does, but with between 8 – 30 channels (depending on your requirements) it is perfect for businesses that make or receiver higher volumes of calls.  With an ISDN30 line you can have an unlimited number of DDIs enabling direct contact with your team without the need of a switchboard.

Calls only

A calls-only option may be the right solution for your business for many reasons. You may be in a lengthy contract with your existing supplier and want to hold off switching until you are out of contract to avoid additional charges, or you may simply be happy with your existing supplier but unhappy with their call charges.

Whatever the reason, we have low cost call rates and plans available that you pay us for your calls and pay your existing provider your line rental only.   And when the time is right, or you become unhappy with your existing provider switching to us is simple and hassle free.

Why choose Uplands for your business landlines?

We will make your switch to an Uplands landline as quick and easy as possible.  You will have one named dedicated point of contact who will manage your switch from installation through to completion.

You will benefit from award winning customer service which has won awards from the likes of Which?, uSwitch, Mobile News and Mobile Industry Awards with your lines running on the BT infrastructure, but at a fantastic cost effective price.

And when you transfer your fixed-line calls and line rental to Uplands, along with great savings, we’ll handle the entire process for you. But that’s not the only reason you should switch to Uplands, here are some more great reasons:

  • Hassle Free Switchover – It’s so easy, you won’t even know it’s happening
  • Happiness Guarantee – Get your line set up on time or the first month’s line rental is paid by O2
  • Trained Specialists – Are on hand to guide you through the process and fix any issues
  • Free Calls  - To O2 UK mobiles
  • The Same Number- Keep any numbers you wish
  • Monitor Your Costs– With free access to itemised online billing information
  • One Bill – For mobile, landline & broadband
  • Dedicated Account Manager- For a truly personal customer service experience

A Name You Can Trust – We’ve been in business since 1979