Boostbox Support


If there's no fault but the customer has a general question, click here for the Boostbox FAQ's.

If customers experience any technical difficulties, in the first instance please get them to check that:

  • The Boostbox is plugged into their broadband router.
  • They are using a 4G SIM & their handset is compatible.
  • There are no bars on their mobile.
  • The Boostbox is being used at the address at which it was registered.
  • Re-add the number - particularly if a SIM or handset swap has recently occurred.

If these do not fix the problem, then please try the following:

The power or '@' light keeps flashing.

The customers' mobile won't connect to the Boostbox.

The Boostbox isn't working with the router.

The Boostbox is working but now the customer can't connect their PC to WiFi.

The customer has a new mobile & it won't work with the Boostbox.

Problem not listed or the instructions above haven't worked? Click here.