Boostbox - FAQ's

What is needed for a Boostbox to work?



The broadband must have an upload speed of at least 300Kbps (0.3Mbps) & a download speed of at least 2Mpbs. 

They can check their speed by installing O2's free My Network app on their mobile. While connected to the Boostbox, click 'Test your speed'. Or just search for a speed test website.

How can the user tell if their mobile is using the Boostbox?

The Signal Strength Indicator will be active on the boostbox.

If a Boostbox is always left on, how much electricity will it use?

It uses about the same amount of electricity as a broadband router.

Can the user still make calls when sending emails or uploading files from their computer?

As long as there is sufficient bandwidth the Boostbox will be unaffected. However, if the upload or download become congested it can cause the Boostbox to temporarily disconnect.

The Boostbox has about the same coverage as the router.

What is the range of the Boostbox?

Yes, as long as the limit of 32x MPN's listed against the Boostbox has not been exceeded. Please call PCS on 0800 11 44 33 & they will add it for you.

Can the user add another mobile number to their Boostbox?

If there is a fault, click here for Boostbox Support.