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Become more active on social media

Social media activity is much more than just sharing content with your audience. 

Listen rather than promote

Use the little time you have to understand your customers’ preferences and create a loyal fan base.

Commit to social media

Make it a priority. Create a strategy, check out what your competitors are doing and try and do better.

Focus on select networks

Focus your efforts on one or two social media networks and dedicate your time to them for your best ROI. Figure out which work best for you.

Automate your strategy

Use tools and resources available like Buffer and Hootsuite to schedule posts for the entire month.

Create and share surveys

Ask for opinions from your target audience to increase interaction.

Batch your tasks

Curate your content a week or month at a time. Complete work for multiple posts
at one (e.g. topic research, image design, copywriting and scheduling).

Establish an internal team

Rotate responsibility between team members by week to keep channels active but keep your tone consistent.

Follow your leaders

Watching people you admire in your field will spark ideas and inspiration. Make note of the way they use social channels.

Encourage employee interactivity 

Employees have a strong voice, actively encourage them to share your company updates online.

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