App Set Up

To ensure that you are utilising your digital applications from Uplands and O2 to their maximum potential we provide you with a helping hand during the set up process.  

We have a full range of step by step guides available for you to download (below) as well as offering you full use of the FREE O2 Guru Call Back Service.  And we don't limit your support, choose to download a guide or book a Guru call, or in fact why not choose both?  it's completely free.

The O2 Guru Call Back Service enables you to arrange a personal call from one of O2's specialist Digital Gurus, at a time convenient to you.  They will then be able to guide you through the setting up of your applications and provide you with any support required.

Set Up Guides & Call Back

To download our comprehensive but simple set up guides or arrange a free O2 Guru Call Back just click the relevant icon below.